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Tax Law Team

Individuals determining whether to buy, sell, invest, or gift an asset face many tax issues, such as the income, estate, and gift tax consequences. We assist in not only providing tax law advice, but also preparing the appropriate documents. We also represent individuals during an IRS examination and collection of taxes.

If the IRS is examining an individual’s tax return or investigating a trust fund liability, our office will represent the individual throughout the examination process. This involves meeting with the IRS agent, the agent’s group manager, and appeals officer. If the IRS is attempting to collect the taxes owed, we will represent the individual in filing a tax refund action, negotiating an offer in compromise based on doubt as to collectability and liability, and in entering into an installment agreement. An offer in compromise based on doubt as to collectability is a means of settling a tax dispute for less than the amount owed because of your inability to pay the full amount.