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Civil and Commercial Litigation

Business, real estate, employment, contract, and other disputes can arise at any time. While many disagreements do not and should not lead to litigation, it is important to consult with an attorney as early as possible to help you consider your options given the risks, your budget, and each party’s potential recovery. The best result is one where you have some control over the outcome, and so our litigators will help you understand all of your options and avoid the treacherous waters of a formal lawsuit where possible.

Our attorneys have experience in federal and state court, trial and appeals, arbitration and mediation, state and federal administrative proceedings, and both sides of class actions, complex litigation, and even small claims matters.

With an honest budget for strategic but sensible litigation in your hands and an understanding of your risk tolerance and goals in ours, we will deploy our team to find the most effective (including cost-effective) path to resolution.

Clark, Campbell, Lancaster, Workman, & Airth, P.A. handles all types of civil and commercial litigation, and we encourage you to inquire about our experience if you have any questions. Types of disputes previously handled by our team include but are not limited to:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Evictions, Foreclosures, Land Rights and Ownership, Construction Defects and Liens, and Broker Commissions
  • Environmental Litigation and Land Use Permitting and Regulation
  • Trade Secret Theft, Copyright and Trademark Infringement, and Other Intellectual Property Claims
  • Condominium, Homeowners, Mobile Home, and Other Property Associations Covenant Interpretation, Enforcement, and Revitalization
  • Shareholder Dissolutions and Buyouts
  • Deception, Business Fraud, False Advertising, and Unfair Competition and Trade Practices
  • Collection and Enforcement of Business Contracts
  • Wage and Hour, Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination, and Other Employment Conflicts
  • Insurance Coverage and Insurance Claims